Affordable Childcare Benefit

The provincial government provides childcare financial assistance to qualifying families to assist in covering child care costs. Please check out the following website to see if you qualify through the online estimator or you can apply online:  GOVERNMENT OF BC
If your family qualifies, please inform our Centre immediately to ensure the Centre has the required documentation and approval has been noted.  All documentation must be in to the Centre by the first of the month or we assume that you will be covering the full monthly fees on your own.

Income Tax Receipts

We issue one annual income tax receipt which you can declare as a child care expense. If you have moved or withdrawn your child from the Centre, please contact us so that we can verify an address and issue your receipt in a timely fashion.

Late Payment Fees

Any payments received after the eighth (8th) of each month will be charged a “late payment  fee” of $20. Payments made after the 16th of the month will incur another $20 “late payment fee”, (totaling $40). If no payment is made by the 21st of the month, care will be considered forfeited until payment in full is made.
Any NSF cheques returned to the Centre will be charged a service fee of $20.