Here to serve.

In addition to our early childhood education and training, the Lord has given each of us gifts that we faithfully use to serve you and your family.  We have given a brief description of these gifts, the favourite part of our day here and have shared our favourite scripture with you.   

Andrea Goodwin

Director, ECE
 I use my gift of encouragement to serve at the Childcare Centre and I love the opportunity to love!  Working with and encouraging others fills my every being! I have great love and compassion for our Childcare children and their families, and am delighted to call Cedar Grove Church and the Childcare team my FAMILY!

Woelmi Kim

Assistant Director
I use my give of love to glorify God as I humbly serve, support and encourage staff and children.
Phone:  604-584-2311
Ext. 233
Andrea and Woelmi, are responsible for the overall operation of the Cedar Grove Childcare Centre. They strive to meet the daily challenges of the Centre’s operations, with the primary goal of serving the children and families of this community to the best of their ability.  They serve as a practical support group, an advisory body for the team and are a liaison between the church and the centre. Monthly they deal with policies, procedures, budgets, as well as family and staff support.  You are welcome to email or call with any questions.


Christine Alexis

What I truly enjoy about my time with the children is watching their eyes light up when they have learned something new and the big smiles.

Monalyn Rarama

Seeing the children's smiles as they come running to give me a hug when I come to work every morning is one of the favourite parts of my day.  The joy the children have when I see them sing and play throughout the day warms my heart. For me, working with children is a great responsibility and blessing.

Aebong Lim

Use my gift of caring and teaching to serve here at the Childcare Centre. I  help children grow to their full potential by showing them the love and teaching of God. 

Mary (Hyangok) Lee

I use my gift of compassion to serve here at the Childcare Centre.

3 to 5 childcare

Marianne Lingal

I have used my gifts of serving and teaching as an early childhood educator at Cedar Grove for eleven years. Serving families by caring for their children and teaching them early learning skills and contributing to their milestones and sharing the love of Jesus with them. 

Shinhye Kim

I use my gift of wisdom to serve here as an ECE, trusting God that He always has plans for each of his children and teachers.  I help children develop their early learning skills based on guiding them to seek God first in all things and to see life from His perspective.

Sheila Malinao

I use my gift of teaching to serve here. The favourite part of my day is when children explore with the toys set up during the day, making creations, shapes and movements of all sorts using their imagination.  I love how they learn through experiments and exploration and asking how things work.

Aejung Lim

I use my gift of giving to serve here. Giving in sharing my cheerful heart for the children and community.

Kamlesh Naiker

Cook & RA
I use my gift of prayer and evangelism to serve here at Cedar Grove. 

Esther Gibb

Cook & RA
I use my gift of cooking to serve here and enjoy interacting with the children.

Marilyn Alvar

I use my gift of help to serve here at the Childcare Centre. 

Sylver Gommer



Jennifer Atherton

My favorite part about working in childcare is the love I'm able to share. God gave me a special piece of his heart for children and it is part of my purpose to spread that love and kindness.
When I was younger, my daycare teachers played a special role in my growing up and it's a nice feeling being able to be there for them in a similar way.

Mirabel Thomson

My favourite part about working with children is showing them Gods love. Being able to actively practice living selflessly day by day gives me purpose, knowing that I'm helping out and possibly making a change. God has given me a nurturing nature, which has flourished more while working here.

Brianna Naiker

My favourite part about working with children is experiencing them being wholeheartedly children of God. Jesus loves children unconditionally and that is the main reason I love working with children. Not only do I teach the children, but they continually teach me new things every day. God has given each of these children a beautiful gift and I am lucky enough to join them and see them grow into the calling God has for their life.