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Classes are filling up quickly,
so give us a call, come and meet some of the Preschool Program leaders, and make sure your child gets a spot for the Fall.


3 to 5 Year Care

Young children learn best by doing
– you know that and so do we!  Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking ...


Infant Care

Every day offers an opportunity
for your baby to explore and learn in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment while under the close ...


School Age Care

School Age Care engages youth in educational, physical and imaginative activities
encouraging them to explore what they can ...

** Space Available**

Upcoming Centre Closures

Mon Dec 26 Christmas /Boxing Day
Tue Dec 27 Christmas /Boxing Day
Mon Jan 2 New Year's Day



This Week's Lunch Menu

November 28 - December 2

Pancakes, Yogurt, Berries
Tue Shepherd's Pie, Salad
Wed Tomato Soup, Veggies, Biscuits
Thu Baked Potato, Salad, Fruit
Fri Chicken a la King, Veggies
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Coming Up at Cedar Grove

Stepping UP
STARTS Saturday, Oct 15  |  9:00 am

Three times a year, the ancient Israelites traveled to the temple in Jerusalem.  Now it's your turn.  READ MORE

You are Invited
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Room 101/102

This could be the beginning of your greatest adventure ever!!

Alpha is for anyone who’s curious. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open environment.   READ MORE

Getting to the Heart

  • Oh, You Thought I Was Done!?
  • Children Singing
  • Be Quiet
  • What Happened Here
  • A Simple Story
  • Family Summer Vacation
  • New Website

Oh, You Thought I Was Done!?

“Oh, you thought I was done!? No, we still have something to do … Shhh, first we need to make sure no one is here. Go look around the corner and check.”

April: “Okay Mom, I don’t see anyone.”

“Okay, now … on your mark!”

April: “What, why, where … what are we doing?!!”

“We’re racing to the Director’s office and back, but the only way we can do it is to skip.”

April: “What!! No. I’m

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Children Singing

I tried to think of a favourite childhood
Christmas memory that I could share with you, the families and friends of Cedar Grove Childcare, but there were few and somehow so insufficient. So I asked as many people as I could if they would write something that is getting to their heart this Christmas season, a favourite memory that they would like to share. There was one who was willing and I’m so grateful because writing these life

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Be Quiet

Although, I’ve only written a few articles or stories in my lifetime; each time I have a story in mind, I test it out on my family. They are given a brief outline and then because they are part of the stories I have in mind, I ask them if what I am recalling from our real life stories is accurate and whether they mind if they are included in the story. I did this last Friday in

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What Happened Here?!

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you look at what’s going on around you and ask ‘What Happened Here … How Did This All Happen?’ I ask it occasionally, and at a leadership dinner the other night the question came up again.

It all started in 2005 when I started looking for daycare for my youngest daughter when she was almost a year old. Like most parents I worried about the character of the people that

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A Simple Story

“Mom, Mom, tell me again!!”
I smile, “Honey, I’ve told you this story twice already on this trip”
“Again, please Mom!”
It’s only been a thirty minute car ride but she wants to hear one of her stories again for the third time. I don’t mind telling it again, it’s one of my favourites, but I put on a show, let out a long sigh and say, “Okay, honey, but this is the last time today ”

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Family Summer Vacation

Summer is here! Many are starting to get the final details worked out for their annual family vacation, quite
possibly with a positive anticipation that it will be the best family vacation ever! For our family, summer vacation planning starts with figuring out the destination, where we are going to camp (our favourite type of summer vacation), and which family or friends we can meet up with along the way or at our final destination.

It’s a

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New website, new name, new logo
... but it's still the same Child
Development Centre that has been working in the heart of your community for over fifty years!

Here’s Why We Changed
We want to get to the heart … we want everyone to know who we are, where we are, and most importantly that we care for children! We want everyone to know that the Childcare Centre is run by eighteen, gifted, educated, and hard-working child care professionals! These professionals

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