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Preschool Program


To learn more or to book a tour please register here:  BOOK A TOUR


Our preschool is designed to set-up young scholars for future academic, emotional, and social success!

Preschool is an opportunity for growth:  For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children.  It's an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school.

Preschool promotes social and emotional development:  In order to learn, a young child needs to feel cared for and secure with a teacher or caregiver.  A 3 or 4 year-old child is able to spend time away from parents and build trusting relationships with adults outside the family.  High quality preschool programs nurture warm relationships among children, teachers and parents.  Our teachers build a close personal connection with each child in their care.

Preschool promotes language and cognitive skills:   Preschool-age children's language skills are nurtured in a "language-rich" environment.  Between the ages of 3 and 5, a child's vocabulary grows from 900 to 2,500 words, and her sentences become longer and more complex.  In a conversational manner, and without dominating the discussion, teachers help children stretch their language skills by asking thought-provoking questions and introducing new vocabulary during science, art, snack time, and other activities.  Children have many opportunities to sing, talk about favorite read-aloud books, and act out stories.

Highlight on our Pre-Kindergarten Class

We really "ramp up" a child's preparation for kindergarten with this class!  We want them to be fully prepared for school so we extend the day to 4.0 hours, include a lunch break (bagged lunch from home) and get deeper into developing language and cognitive skills.  We're doing our best to get them ready!  

Program Features

  • Outdoor or Gym Time (we have a great playground and full sized gymnasium!)
  • Circle Teaching Times
  • Art activity every day
  • Field Trips
  • Birthday celebrations once a month
  • Christmas party for the whole family
  • Graduation party for those entering Kindergarten
  • Year end picnics


Last and least!  We have the lowest preschool rates in North Surrey.  Why?!  It's simple, we are a non-profit organization and we strongly believe that every child should get this needed jump start on their academic lives!

Mon/Wed/Fri PM (1:00 - 3:30 pm): $185 per month
Mon/Wed/Fri AM (9:00 - 11:30 am): $185 per month

Mon/Wed/Fri Pre-K (9:00am - 1:00pm): $290 per month

Pre-Registration Fee $30
Late Registration Fee $40

To learn more about our Preschool Program or schedule a tour, call the Preschool Supervisor and Teacher, Ephesia at (604) 584-2311 Ext. 241 or our administration office at (604) 584-2311 Ext. 233


To learn more or to book a tour please register here:  BOOK A TOUR